• Alpaca

    Textile alpaca, stuffed with alpaca wool. Height 16cm. Alpacas are of different colors, we will send you an alpaca that is in stock at the time of purchase. If you want to be sure what color alpaca you will get, contact us before buying.
  • Aplaca blanket for kids

    Size of the kids blanket: 100x130cm. Alpaca wool blankets are warm and breathable, contain 100% Wile Farm alpaca wool covered with cotton fabric. Alpaca blanket “Jaaniöö” is perfect for warmer summer nights or using in warmer bedroom. The amount of wool: 250g/m2. Alpaca blanket “Talveöö” is perfect for colder nights. The amount of wool: 500g/m2. The blankets are packed in a cotton shoulder bag. Made in Estonia.
  • Laost otsas. Võta meiega ühendust!

    Soft and warm baby booties for the smallest one. 100% alpaca.


    NB! In case the product is out of stock, please contact us: info@wile.ee


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