Cleaning the Ambla wool factory 6. Jul 2017 – Posted in: Ambla Villavabrik, News

Cleaning the Ambla wool factory. In May 2017, we started with cleaning the bigger waste that had accumulated over many decades. Without remarkable efforts, we gathered a full trailer of waste. The atmosphere in the site was similar to how it appeared after Pompeii, without dead bodies naturally! Instruments dropped randomly, unwashed coffee cups, cigarette butts, daily papers. Wool is still in the machines and all over the floor.

Ambla wool factory, photo Margus Sameli

Prompt departure appears to have happened in the mid-nineties. Several documents found, testify that in 1996 the Ambla Wool Factory was still functioning. The same documents tell us that during several months the factory was lacking wool and consequently jobs.

Ambla wool factory documents, photo Margus Sameli

Positively (with minor gaps), all the machinery and interior is operational. From the documents we found a list of employees and luckily at least two persons are still alive. Thanks to them, we expect to reignite the history of Ambla Wool Factory.

Peasantries New Year greetings to Ambla Yarn collective, typical during soviet time, photo Margus Sameli