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Cleaning the Ambla wool factory

Cleaning the Ambla wool factory. In May 2017, we started with cleaning the bigger waste that had accumulated over many decades. Without remarkable efforts, we gathered a full trailer of waste. The atmosphere in the site was similar to how it appeared after Pompeii, without dead bodies naturally! Instruments dropped randomly, unwashed coffee cups, cigarette butts, daily papers. Wool is still in the machines and all over the floor. Prompt departure appears to have happened…

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Leaking roofs of the Ambla wool factory

Leaking roofs of the Ambla wool factory. In September 2016 the most critical job was to stop the roof leaking and replace some broken windows – a lot more work needs to be done to preserve this building. The whole roof should be replaced and parts of construction as well. We are aiming to restore the building to look as it did during the beginning of last century.

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Purchasing the Ambla wool factory

Purchasing the Ambla wool factory The purchasing agreement was signed in June 2016 – similar to purchasing a manor house, it is relatively cost-efficient to buy, however maintenance becomes costly, as with maintaining the architectural heritage. Sometimes unfortunately, people with such a mission as ours just cannot see the heritage value and propriety falls into decay. This is not the case with us and as importantly, one of the owners has his roots in Ambla.…

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