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In Estonia, we use word “vääris” for this kind of wool, which in direct translation means noble. Encyclopaedia Britannica says: Specialty hair fibre, any of the textile fibres obtained from certain animals of the goat and camel families, rarer than the more commonly used fibres and valued for such desirable properties as fine diameter, natural lustre, and ability to impart pleasing hand (characteristics perceived by handling) to fabrics The same source continues: Fibres obtained from animals of the camel family include camel hair, mainly from the Bactrian camel, and guanaco, llama, alpaca, and vicuña (q.q.v.) fibres, all from members of the genus Lama.

Despite its noble term we don’t position this fibre, particularly Alpaca yarn we deal with, higher than others – It is just different. While Alpaca Union (Estonian) merges the ones who raise animals, our aim is to bring together people who deal with alpaca yarn spinning, develop products from that and deal with the marketing of products produced from the wool. We are not the smartest; however, we passionately believe we are benefiting this industry together through our investment and development. We have opened our doors to trainees from Estonia to as far-a-field as Hong Kong. One of our ideas is to compile Estonian and Baltic Specialty hair fibre ecosystem. We are opened to ideas on how to improve our vision and interested in any people with good ideas to contact us directly.

Alpaca fiber