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Our ultimate goal is to reopen an old, distinguished and almost fully extent Ambla wool factory equipped with Oscar Schimmel @ Co machinery. Our minimum agenda is conservation and preservation for the next and wealthier posterity. In case we succeed to reopen, the factory is to used in spinning Alpaca wool. However, if someone would come to us with sheep wool – you are more than welcome as this is the historical purpose of Ambla factory in the first place – we will also accommodate the prospective client.

Oscar Schimmel & Co, foto Evelin Jenk


We are planning to complement the Ambla Old Wool factory with modern building equipped and the latest technology. The whole complex is planned as an organic combination of old and modern.


Draft of the Ambla old and new wool factory, by Eero Liivrand

Ambla old wool factory is planned to be restored almost to its original structure – whereas all the infrastructure will be as modern as possible. According to our vision, the whole complex will be operating autonomously – getting its resources from fully renewable clean energy.

Ambla wool factory was founded by Mr. Silm in the Thirties of the last century. Arguably he made his fortune in United States before the Great Depression. When soviets came, he shared the destiny similar to other unfortunate Estonians. The Ambla wool factory was finally nationalised and reopened after the Second World War and was functioning until mid-nineties. Amazingly, the German machinery survived the soviet working “culture” era and is still in very good shape until today. Manufacturing ended due to cowboy capitalism and consequently deficiency of raw material.

Ambla wool factory, photo Evelin Jenk